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Aug 31, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Here Is How Epoxy Flooring Offers Ideal Longevity

Here Is How Epoxy Flooring Offers Ideal Longevity

Epoxy flooring was originally introduced back in the 1960s, but the chemistry behind it keeps getting better and better. Recent developments in the past few decades now ensure that an epoxy flooring system can last for multiple decades with proper maintenance and a regular cleaning schedule. It delivers a thick and seamless composite system that is incredibly durable and resistant to damage.

You should uinderstand that epoxy flooring will easily outlast most flooring alternatives, such as wood, tiling, vinyl, porcelain and more. We want to explain what makes epoxy flooring more reliable in terms of its longevity.

Epoxy Flooring Options

Commercial- and industrial-grade epoxies are incredibly durable and long-lasting with shock-absorbing properties that no other flooring system can provide. Warehouses, factories, and other manufacturing facilities all require extra strength and protection. However, the lifespan of your floor will depend on the quality of the installation.

Floor Preparations: Professional epoxy installers have to undergo a great deal of prep work. It is one of the most crucial steps in the entire process. They have to ensure that your concrete flooring is free of dirt, debris, chemicals, bacteria, and other potential contaminants. Then, they will have to perform diamond grinding and shot blasting to ensure proper adhesion for the epoxy mixture.

Epoxy Products and Installation: A reliable epoxy technician will recommend the best epoxy products that are suitable for your flooring. This will help ensure optimal longevity, along with establishing greater strength and protection from potential damage and contamination. With commercial and industrial facilities, applying multiple topcoats will increase the lifespan of your floor significantly. The topcoat is responsible for providing greater stain and chemical resistance.

Overall Performance: Cutting corners and installing cheaper materials will greatly affect the long-term performance of your floor. High-end epoxy products will make a world of difference. The components and epoxy ingredients must meet certain industry standards in terms of quality and longevity.

The Three Main Methods To Epoxy Flooring

Method #1 – DIY Projects: We speak with a lot of different people who decide to undergo DIY epoxy flooring projects. It is the cheapest way to go about the process. Many local home improvement stores sell DIY kits with all the essential materials and equipment to install an epoxy flooring system. However, these kits are often extremely inadequate when it comes to establishing proper adhesion. The results are often sub-par, and you will need to replace the overlay within a few years.

Method #2 – Professional Installations: You have two options – they include low-performance and high-performance systems. The main difference is in the epoxy products and the competency of the installer. For example, low-performance systems are usually a result of shoddy preparation methods and poor workmanship. The life expectancy is usually within the 3-5 year range. That’s because they provide your floor with ideal protection against chemicals, abrasions, and weather elements.

High-performance systems, on the other hand, are a result of the professionalism and experience demonstrated by an epoxy installer. They utilize industry-standard equipment and epoxy products to ensure that the installation goes according to plan. High-end epoxy coatings are prevalent in commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States (and in St. Paul). These systems typically last for 20 years or longer.

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