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    Epoxy Flooring Services in Saint Paul, MN

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    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy flooring is a resinous flooring system that provides superior durability, longevity, and resistance. This non-porous concrete coating is highly customizable with unlimited colors, patterns, and textures.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    When you need a floor that’s as strong as it is beautiful, look no further than metallic epoxy flooring. This floor is made by mixing metallic pigments into the resin that gives the floor a shimmering effect!

    Decorative Flake Epoxy Flooring

    Decorative flake epoxy is the ideal solution for spaces that need some additional slip-resistance. The acrylic chips layered on the floor give it texture and come in various shapes, colors, and sizes!

    Concrete Polishing

    Polished concrete is the perfect way to make the most of your concrete floor! This process hardens and densifies your concrete while adding a high gloss finish to the floor!

    Concrete Sealing

    Concrete surfaces need to be periodically sealed to protect them from weather and the elements. Unsealed concrete can easily stain or become damaged! When you need your concrete sealed, we’ve got you covered.

    Concrete Staining

    Staining your concrete surfaces is an affordable and easy way to add some color and creativity to your space! We offer acid- and water-based concrete stains to suit all your needs!


    No matter if you’re looking to polish the concrete in your garage or add a colorful epoxy floor to your basement, our team can help with all your home flooring needs!


    Commercial businesses see some of the most foot traffic of any space! These locations need a durable, long-lasting floor that can handle these needs. Our team can provide the highest quality commercial floor on the market!


    Industrial facilities have the highest demands for any of our clients. These spaces need a floor that can handle high impacts, rough abrasions, and high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic. Our team can install a floor that will meet all these needs!

    That We

    We don’t stop with epoxy and concrete flooring!
    Our company is also proud to offer the installation of both rubber floor coatings and slurry flooring systems! These two flooring systems bring their own benefits to your home or business. We offer two types of rubberized flooring systems, liquid rubber floors, and roll-on rubber floors. Liquid rubber flooring is installed by applying a rubber mixture to your concrete floor that dries into a thick rubber coating that provides a cushioned, resilient surface! Roll-on rubber flooring is, as the name implies, installed by rolling out the sheet of rubber floor over your concrete to achieve a similarly durable and soft surface. Slurry flooring systems are re-coatable, high-gloss flooring systems that can handle abrasions, hard impacts, and high temperatures. These floors are ideal for wet and damp areas, thanks to their high moisture-resistance. This concrete coating can even be applied to damp concrete! Slurry systems are some of the most advanced concrete coatings available!

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    The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

    With benefits like these, there is no other choice!

    Epoxy flooring has a variety of useful benefits to offer home and business owners in Saint Paul, MN, and the surrounding areas! From its durability to its customization, epoxy flooring can do it all! Below, you can see the various benefits this floor has to offer:


    Not many flooring systems can match the superior durability of epoxy flooring. This robust concrete coating is highly resistant to hard impacts, rough abrasions, and high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic. No matter if it’s in your garage, retail store, or factory, epoxy flooring can stand up against wear and tear without being significantly damaged in the process. This unmatched durability can save home and business owners a fortune in frequent repairs common with other conventional flooring materials.


    Epoxy flooring is installed seamlessly, and its surface is non-porous. This means that liquids like chemicals and water cannot penetrate its surface to leave stains, chemical damage, or water damage. These floors naturally repel these substances, making for a highly resistant surface that is easy to clean up. If a spill occurs on your epoxy floor, merely clean up the mess appropriately without worrying about any damage or stains from appearing on your floor.


    If you’re looking for a floor that’s going to last for years, epoxy flooring is the choice for you. Most traditional flooring systems are designed to last for roughly 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced. On the other hand, epoxy flooring is built to last. These floors can last for 25 years or more before they need recoating or replacing. Having a long-lasting floor can save home and business owners save countless dollars and hours avoiding premature replacements.


    Epoxy floors are highly customizable. There are limitless colors, patterns, textures, and styles to choose from. This means that you have the creative freedom to build the perfect floor for your home or business! From simple, solid-color designs to intricate, multi-colored patterns, no matter what your design needs are, epoxy flooring has a solution for you! Whether you choose standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, or decorative flake epoxy, you can create your dream floor using epoxy flooring.

    Ease of Maintenance

    Many conventional flooring systems can require time-consuming, labor-intensive maintenance routines and expensive cleaning products to keep them looking and performing their best. However, the maintenance for epoxy flooring couldn’t be more different. These floors only need to be swept or dust mopped daily, wet mopped with a pH-neutral cleaner, and spot mopping as necessary to keep them strong and long-lasting. This can save home and business owners time and money compared to other floorings.


    Most people don’t realize just how affordable epoxy flooring is! Many other flooring systems, such as hardwood or ceramic tile, can reach upwards of $25 per square foot or more! Epoxy flooring is much more affordable by comparison. These floors typically cost between $3 and $12 per square foot, depending on the epoxy style you chose, the pattern’s complexity, and the size of your floor. If you’re looking for an affordable floor that still offers a myriad of benefits, epoxy flooring is the best choice!

    Environmentally Friendly

    Epoxy flooring is an excellent way for your home or business to go green! These floors are eco-friendly for several reasons. First, they don’t produce the waste that many other flooring systems, like hardwood, tile, and laminate, from installation. The high reflectiveness of their glossy surfaces can help reduce the amount of lighting needed as they’ll reflect the light to illuminate the space. Not to mention, the resistance epoxy offers will prevent harmful chemicals from seeping through the floor to the surrounding environment!

    The Epoxy Flooring
    Installation Process

    How we do it!

    The way we begin installing your epoxy floor is by cleaning and inspecting your substrate for damage, such as cracking or chipping. If any damage is discovered, we’ll need to repair it before continuing. We’ll repair cracks with an injectable epoxy filler and fix chipping with a concrete patch. After the repairs are finished, we can move on to surface preparation. Surface prep is a process where we’ll grind your concrete down with a floor grinder fitted with a diamond grinding wheel or, in some cases, shot blasting the surface. This is done to remove any minor blemishes and ensure proper adhesion between the epoxy resin and concrete. Once your surface is prepped, we’ll mix the epoxy resin and pour it over the floor. Several coats are applied to reach the desired thickness, including the clear finishing topcoat. With the topcoat in place, your floor will need time to cure. It’s suitable for foot traffic in 24 hours and fully cured in 72 hours.

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    How to Maintain Your Epoxy Floor

    Save time and money with this low-maintenance floor!
    Epoxy flooring is one of the most low-maintenance flooring solutions in the business! This easily-cleaned floor will save you time and money on your regular household or business maintenance. Below are the simple cleaning tools and products that you’ll need to properly maintain epoxy flooring:

    Broom or Dust Mop (Dust Mops are preferred)

    Wet Mop

    pH-neutral Cleaner

    Mop Bucket

    Avoid citrus-based cleaners, soapy detergents, and harsh cleaners.

    Epoxy floors will last for 25 years or more with proper maintenance and care. If you want your new floor to last for decades, follow these simple steps! Sweep or dust mop your floor daily to remove any dirt or grit from its surface. Dust mops are preferred to make the process faster and easier. Use a pH-neutral floor cleaner with warm or hot water to wet mop the floor at least once a week. Avoid harsh cleaners, citrus-based cleaners, and soapy detergents that can tarnish the finish or leave a residue. Lastly, spot-mop any spills as soon as they happen! If you find yourself in Madison, don’t hesitate to contact our friends at Epoxy Flooring Madison.

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    Our company is here to give our neighbors here in St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding areas the best in epoxy flooring and concrete flooring services. Our team has been thoroughly trained to handle any flooring install with precision and accuracy! We’re dedicated to always providing the highest quality craftsmanship and friendliest customer service available. Why choose us? Check out the reasons below!

    Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

    Our contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve! We’re here to keep our customers, as well as our employees, safe and secure with quality, insured work. You can take comfort knowing that your floors will be installed by state-certified technicians who know the ins and outs of flooring installation!

    Years of Experience

    Our team is full of epoxy flooring contractors with years of experience under their belts. Our company knows epoxy and concrete flooring better than anyone, and with our years of experience, we can provide you with top-quality work every time.

    Friendly Customer Service

    Our customers are the backbone of our company. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to practice our craft and provide quality flooring solutions. That’s why we pride ourselves on having the friendliest customer service around so that our clients feel comfortable and happy when they work with us!


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