Getting Creative with Concrete Stains

Getting Creative with Concrete Stains

Dec 30, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

Concrete stains are an excellent way to add some color and beauty to your various concrete surfaces. From outdoor concrete to concrete flooring to decorative concrete, concrete staining can add beauty anywhere!

No matter if it’s residential or commercial settings, concrete stains are highly versatile decorative options that can improve the look of any space.

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of concrete stains and some creative ways to utilize them. Continue reading to learn more!

What is Concrete Staining?

Similar to wood staining, concrete stains are a chemical mixture applied to concrete and imparts permanent color to its surface. There are many colors to choose from to fit virtually any design scheme. Concrete stains typically come in two types: acid-based and water-based. Both stain types offer their own unique colors and react with the concrete differently.

Acid-based Concrete Stains

Acid-based concrete stains react with the concrete on a chemical level to give it permanent color. These stains typically only come in earth tones, such as browns, tans, oranges, and some blues and greens. Acid concrete stains don’t always present consistent colors as they react with each concrete floor or slab differently. However, this can be utilized to create fantastic effects that can set your concrete apart from the crowd! It’s recommended to stain a small corner of your concrete to test the color and ensure it reacts how you want.

Water-based Concrete Stains

Water-based concrete stains soak into the concrete, permeating its surface to provide permanent color. These stains come in a much wider variety of vibrant colors than acid-based concrete stains. Water concrete stains typically impart the same color they describe, and there’s not so much worry of inconsistency. However, some of the effects that can be made with acid concrete stains cannot be achieved with water concrete stains.

Creative Ideas for Concrete Staining

Make Your Decorative Concrete Look More Realistic

Do you have stamped concrete that looks like other materials like wood, stone, or brick? Concrete staining is the perfect way to make these surfaces look even more realistic! By combining various stain colors, you can achieve a look that makes your decorative concrete look almost indistinguishable from the real thing! No matter if it’s a wood, stone, brick, or any other style of stamp, concrete staining offers colors and effects that can bring it to life!

Create a Floor that Looks High-End

Whether you want your home’s floors to look sophisticated or your business to look more professional, concrete staining is an affordable way to do it! Concrete stains can be used to mimic the look of high-end flooring materials, such as marble and granite. Thanks to mottling effects and various color options, you can make a beautiful floor that’s hyper-realistic! No matter if it’s your kitchen, hotel, garage, or restaurant, you can elevate its look with concrete stains!

Add some Color to Your Garage

Concrete staining doesn’t always have to be complex with patterns and effects to be creative. Keep it simple by adding some beautiful color to your garage! Whether you’re choosing your favorite color, team colors, or simply a color to complement your vehicle, concrete staining offers all you need to make the most of your garage!

Coordinate Colors in Your Backyard

Many homeowners have many different concrete surfaces in their backyards. Whether it’s concrete patios, pool decks, walkways, or pavers, you may have some or all of these! Frequently, these surfaces are all different colors, too, due to them being installed at different times and aging at varying speeds. This can be remedied quickly and easily using concrete stains. You can use concrete staining to make all your outdoor concrete match and even have them color-coordinated with your home’s colors!

Final Thoughts

Concrete stains are an affordable and easy way to get creative with your home or business’s concrete surfaces. Whether you choose water-based or acid-based concrete stains, numerous possibilities are awaiting! So if you want to bring some color and beauty to your concrete, get out there and get creative with concrete staining!