Many business owners across the country are choosing to invest in commercial epoxy floor coatings as a way to improve their space and give it a fresh, modern look. This is due to the many benefits that epoxy coatings can provide. Whether you’re looking for a tough and durable floor coating or are simply seeking an aesthetically pleasing look, commercial epoxy could be the perfect solution for your needs.

This article will provide an overview of commercial epoxy floor coatings. We’ll start by discussing what they are, where they’re used, and how they differ from other types of floor coatings. Next, we’ll look at the main benefits commercial epoxy can offer your business. Finally, we’ll go over DIY installation vs. hiring a professional service to complete the job for you.

What Exactly is an Epoxy Coating?

An epoxy coating is a type of floor coating that is applied in a two-part process. The first part is a base coat, which is usually clear or pigmented. The second part is the activator, which is mixed with the base coat and sets off a chemical reaction that causes the coating to harden. Once hardened, the epoxy coating creates a durable and long-lasting bond with the floor.

Epoxy coatings are often used in commercial and industrial settings because they can withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. They are also resistant to spills and staining, making them easy to maintain. Epoxy coatings can be applied to concrete, wood, metal, and other types of floors.

Where are Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings Used?

Commercial epoxy floor coatings can be used in a wide variety of settings. They are commonly found in factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings. However, they are also frequently used as garage floors and in commercial kitchens, restaurants, stadiums, health clubs, etc.

Although not all businesses require an epoxy coating for their floors, it is certainly beneficial for many owners to invest in this type of flooring. A business that sees heavy foot traffic may benefit from using an epoxy coating due to its ability to withstand wear and tear from the constant use of carts, forklifts, or even just people walking around. 

Additionally, any business owner will want their space to look professional and clean at all times. When you choose a commercial epoxy floor coating, it can help to enhance the appearance of your space, making it more inviting to customers and clients. 

How is Commercial Epoxy Different from Other Floor Coatings?

The main difference between commercial epoxy and other floor coatings is that commercial epoxy comprises two components: a base coat and an activator. This means that you will have to mix these two parts together for the coating to set properly. 

Other types of floor coatings like polyurea or urethane do not require any mixing before application, making them much easier to apply. You simply pour both components into their designated containers and let them dry independently. 

The two-part process of commercial epoxy can make it more difficult to apply, but it also creates a much stronger and more durable bond. This is why commercial epoxy is often used in settings where the floor will see a lot of wear and tear, such as factories or warehouses. 

Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

There are many benefits that come with using commercial epoxy floor coatings. We’ve outlined some of the most notable advantages below: 

Increased Durability

As we mentioned earlier, commercial epoxy coatings create a very strong and durable bond with the floor. This makes them ideal for businesses that frequently experience heavy foot traffic or need to move around large equipment.  

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning 

Another great benefit of using commercial epoxy floor coatings is that they make it very easy to keep your space looking clean. Because epoxy coatings are resistant to spills, you won’t have to worry about unsightly stains or streaks on your floors. Additionally, you can easily scrape away any debris that may build up over time. 

Many Different Color Options 

One wonderful thing about commercial epoxy floor coatings is the many color options available! This allows you to choose a coating that perfectly matches your brand or business’s colors and will enhance the look of your space. 

DIY Installation vs. Professional Services

When it comes to applying an epoxy coating, there are two different methods you can use: DIY installation or professional services. 

If you choose to go the DIY route, it is important that you take the time to read the instructions carefully and mix the two parts of the epoxy properly. If not done correctly, your coating will not set properly and will not be as durable as it could be. 

Additionally, because commercial epoxy coatings require a bit more effort to apply, we recommend that you hire a professional to do the job for you. This will ensure that your floors are coated evenly and correctly, resulting in a high-quality finish. 

Are you interested in having commercial epoxy floor coatings installed in your business? Contact us today to learn more about our professional installation services!