6 Fantastic Benefits of Concrete Polishing

6 Fantastic Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Dec 23, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

Concrete polishing is an affordable way to make the most of your concrete floors! This process strengthens and densifies your concrete to create a more durable, resistant, and long-lasting surface.

You may be wondering what all this flooring solution has to offer and how it differs from bare concrete. That’s what we’re here to explain!

There are many benefits to choosing this flooring system. In the article below, we’ll discuss these various benefits and how they can help home and business owners. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Eliminate Concrete Dusting

In traditional, unpolished concrete, minuscule dust particles are pushed to the surface through an upward force known as hydrostatic pressure, resulting in what is commonly referred to as concrete dusting. In layman’s terms, no matter how often you sweep, dust will continue to form on the surface of your bare concrete floor. This dusting is one of the leading causes of paint chipping or flaking on concrete floors. By having your concrete polished, the surface becomes denser, eliminating the dust that would typically form. This makes maintenance more comfortable and allows for a cleaner space for your home or business.

2. Increased Resistance

As the concrete is densified during the polishing process, the surface becomes non-porous, unlike standard concrete. Unpolished concrete is actually quite porous and will soak up practically anything spilled on it, from water to drinks to chemicals.

The non-porous surface of polished concrete will repel these substances to prevent stains or damage from occurring. This makes a significantly more resistant surface that will ensure your floor lasts as long as possible!

3. More Energy-Efficient

You may be wondering how simply polishing your concrete could possibly make your home or business more energy-efficient. The answer is simple, reflectivity.

Polished concrete has a high-gloss finish that reflects light at a much higher capacity than most other conventional flooring systems. This increased reflectivity can aid in using fewer lights to illuminate your space. As the rays are reflected off of the floor, the ambient lighting will better illuminate your room and allow you to cut down on the costs of lighting your home or business. As a result, you’ll quickly begin saving money on your monthly utility bill!

4. Improved Slip-Resistance

Despite the glossy appearance that polished concrete provides, it’s actually more slip-resistant than many other flooring materials! Compared to ordinary concrete, the polishing process increases the floor’s friction coefficient significantly to create a safer, more slip-resistant floor. You can cut down on accidents and feel safer in your home or business with polished concrete!

5. Reduced Maintenance

Many flooring systems, including bare concrete, require labor-intensive, time-consuming maintenance regimens, and expensive cleaning products. However, polished concrete is quite the opposite. This floor is quick and easy to maintain, requiring minimal effort and fewer cleaning products.

There is no need for waxing or additional coatings as the polished surface is glossy on its own and more than durable enough to handle foot and vehicle traffic. The only things you need to do to maintain polished concrete are sweep regularly, mop weekly, and spot mop whenever spills happen.

6. Enhanced Durability

Since the polishing process hardens the concrete, it becomes much more durable than bare concrete and most other flooring solutions. These floors can handle hard impacts, rough abrasions, and high foot and vehicle traffic levels without the worry of cracking, chipping, or other damage! This can save home and business owners countless dollars by avoiding frequent repairs necessary with other flooring systems.

Summing Things Up

Polished concrete is an excellent flooring choice for any home or business! From the garage to the kitchen to the store to the factory, polished concrete works anywhere. This beautiful flooring system brings a broad range of benefits to any setting. Concrete polishing eliminates concrete dusting, increases resistance, is more energy-efficient, improves slip-resistance, reduces maintenance, and enhances durability. With benefits like these, it’s no surprise why this flooring system has become so popular!