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Rubberized floor coatings are durable, customizable flooring solutions that can make your space more comfortable! Our company can install these useful floors in your home or business! Here’s what we have to offer:

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The Different Types of Rubber Floor Coatings

Our company offers a wide variety of rubber floor coatings to fit any of your needs! From homes to businesses to factories and more, we’ve got you covered! Check out our various rubberized floor coatings below:

Residential Rubber Floor Coating

That’s right! Rubber floor coatings have made their way into the residential scene! These cushioned flooring systems can make your home more interesting, as well as functional! Whether it’s in the kitchen or the garage, there’s a myriad of uses for residential rubber floors. They can help make your kitchen safer with additional slip resistance or help turn your garage into a durable home gym space! Not to mention, with the high customization options with modern rubber floor coatings, you can design the perfect floor!

Commercial Rubber Floor Coating

Rubber floor coatings can be found in all sorts of different commercial businesses! From fitness centers to commercial kitchens to hospitals, rubber flooring has been helping commercial industries for years! No matter if it’s to help support weights and fitness equipment, provide a slip-resistant surface for cooks, or reduce fatigue among doctors and nurses on their feet for endless hours, rubber floor coatings are an excellent choice for any business!

Industrial Rubber Floor Coating

Even hard-working industrial facilities can benefit from the advantages of rubberized flooring! With many of these locations needing their employees to be on their feet moving around constantly for hours, rubberized floor coatings can help to reduce muscle strain and fatigue while creating a surface that’s slip-resistant and repels water! Whether it’s a roll-on rubber floor for employees to work on or a liquid rubber floor coating to support equipment safely, these floors are ideal for this work environment!

Roll On Rubber Floor Coating

Roll on rubber floors are perfect for those spaces that will benefit more from the cushioned surface. These rubberized floor coatings differ from liquid coatings as they are typically thicker and provide more support. These rubber floors are ideal for spaces like home or commercial gyms, kitchen floors, and even retail locations! These thick rubber floors can be fully customized to suit your space’s design scheme with unlimited colors and patterns to choose from!

Liquid Rubber Floor Coating

Liquid rubber floor coatings are more suited for spaces that would benefit more from the durability and resistance of rubber. These floors are installed seamlessly as the rubber flooring mixture is applied over and adheres to the existing floor. These leaves nowhere for water or other substances to seep into the underlying floor or harbor germs and bacteria. Liquid rubber flooring is ideal for spaces like garages, factories, and warehouses!

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The Benefits of Rubberized Floor Coatings

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Rubberized floor coatings have much to offer home and business owners here in St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding areas! See for yourself below:

  • Durability: Rubber flooring is highly durable and resilient, thanks to its elasticity. These floors can handle high volumes of foot traffic and impacts. Liquid rubber floors also hold up against vehicle traffic! Not to mention, they’re highly resistant to water and moisture!
  • Slip-Resistance: These floors have an exceedingly high friction coefficient, making them perfect for areas where slip-resistance is a must!
  • Low-Maintenance: Rubberized flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean! With regular vacuuming, weekly mopping with a mild detergent, and spot mopping, you’ll rubber floor will last for years!
  • Eco-Friendly: Rubber floor coatings are also an environmentally-friendly choice! Many rubber floors contain some recycled rubber, are recyclable themselves, and rubber production is sustainable as well!

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Why Hire a Professional?

Not a DIY project.

Contrary to popular belief, rubberized floor coating installation isn’t the best do-it-yourself project. Both roll on rubber flooring and liquid rubber flooring need professional installation to ensure that it’s done correctly and adheres properly. When done by someone inexperienced, you can run into issues such as the floor peeling up, flaking, or more! Not to mention, as modern rubberized flooring is much more customizable, a professional will ensure that the colors and patterns you want turn out precisely as you want them! Customizing rubber floors takes the skill and experience that your contractor will have and ensures it’s performed the right way.

Rubber Floor Coating Maintenance

How to make it last!

As we mentioned in rubber floor coating benefits, rubberized floors are remarkably easy to keep clean! Vacuuming should be performed daily to keep the surface free of dirt and grit. This will prevent the debris from becoming embedded in the floor over time. Mop your rubber floor at least once a week with warm water and a mild detergent to prevent grime or germs from building up on the surface. Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners as they may damage the rubber. Spot mop any spills as they occur to keep your floor clean and safe as well! With this simple routine, your rubber floor will last for years to come!